Adoption Certificate

Free Printable Adoption Certificates

You can customize all text on these adoption certificate templates. There are adoption certificates for every purpose on this page: for a baby, child, pet or even a stuffed animal. Change the text as required. You can also erase some of the text or add additional text. Add a photo of the adopted child, pet or stuffed toy depending on the purpose of the adoption certificate. You can also use the birth certificate template and adapt it to your needs since the text is customizable.

Puppy Adoption Certificate

This dog adoption certificate can be given to a child for adopting a puppy. It can be used by parents or by an animal shelter to encourage people to adopt a pet.



Pet Adoption Certificate

These certificate templates can be used for adoption various pets such as a kitten, rabbit, hamster, fish, cat, etc.









custom free adoption announcement with photo


adoption announcement on chalkboard background


chalkboard adoption certificate template (text can be customized)


adoption announcements


adoption announcement


adoption announcements


adoption announcement


free adoption certificate template


adoption certificate template


adoption announcement

award certificate


If the adoption certificate is for a child who has adopted a pet you might want to include a sentence about the child’s commitment to look after the pet and provide it with food, water, shelter and love. Click on add text and add any text that you want to include. Once you have typed the text then drag it to wherever you would like it to appear.

Please note that these are fake adoption papers just for fun. They are provided for kids who adopt animals or stuffed toys or for parents who adopt a child and want an unofficial adoption certificate template.


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