Certificate of Training

Free printable certificate of training that can be customized with your text and/or logo. Select the design that you want to use then customize your text. Adding a logo only takes a few seconds. See instructions below.

Diploma for training course  

Participation in a training course


Certificate of training   

Participation in training   

shades of blue   

yellow border with a green ribbon   

Training certificate   

Certificate of participation   

Training diploma   

certificate of training   

Colored stripes with a red award ribbon   


How to Add a Logo to your Certificate of Training

Once you have chosen the design that you want to use, the certificate maker will open. Click on the icon of an image above the certificate and to the left. Once you have clicked on it find your logo on your PC and click on enter. Move the logo around until you are happy with the placement. You can also make it smaller or bigger by dragging the bottom left corner.
How to add your logo

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