Certificate of Appreciation with the Company Logo

certificate-of-appreciation company logoUsing Certificates of Appreciation in the Workplace

Both large corporations and small companies use award certificates to increase the productivity of their employees.  They are used to inspire, motivate, appreciate and retain employees. They can be awarded for a number of reasons such as for a “job well done” award or for perfect attendance.

Many managers are so busy on a day to day basis that they never take the time to stop and give their workers a few words of encouragement or appreciation. Presenting workers with an award certificate is one way to ensure that they know just how much you appreciate them and their work. When employees feel appreciated they are often more motivated and willing to put more into their job.

It doesn’t cost you anything since you can print and customize them for free. You can also add your company logo.

Framing award certificates do make them look more impressive so if you have the budget to do so it is recommended. Also, try to print certificates on high quality paper. It makes them look more prestigious.

When employees receive a certificate of appreciation from their company they often hang them in their office. This serves as a constant reminder that their hard work is appreciated. It both motivates them and their colleagues.

A positive working environment leads to happier employees. Happier employees are more motivated and productive. Employee recognition not only benefits the employees but ultimately helps the company.

How can award certificates be used in the workplace?

  • Certificate of Appreciation
  • Certificate of Achievement
  • Associate of the Month
  • Certificate of Completion
  • Employee of the Month / Week
  • Leadership
  • Certificate of Excellence
  • Participation in Training
  • Boss’s Day

 How to make certificates of appreciation for employees

1. Select the color of the certificate border. Select the color that matches your company logo. If you want to use a frame that does not appear below or if you want to customize all text (including the title) then select from our selection of certificate borders.

Gold certificate border  Blue certificate border

Black certificate border Red certificate border Navy certificate border Green certificate border

2. Add the text that you would like to use. Either just add your details (name, date, etc) or change all of the text. All of the text can be customized. Just click on it to start typing.

3. Insert your company logo. Click on “add logo”.

4. Save or print the certificate.

5. Frame or laminate.

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