Preschool Graduation Certificates

These preschool graduation certificates can be┬ápresented to children at the end of the year. Each┬ácertificate can be personalized with the child’s name, name of the preschool, date and teachers name or signature. The certificates┬ácan be printed once you have typed these details or you can print them and add the details by hand. Either way, they will be great preschool keepsakes.

Preschool diploma

kindergarten certificate

Day care diploma


  1. I was wondering if on the preschool certificates why they say kindergarten not prekinder I would like one that completed prekinder not kindergarten

  2. Kathy, thanks for letting me know. Its been fixed! you can download the correct version now.

  3. durandconnie says:

    It would be nice to have a pre-school, preK or daycare graduation w/picture. thanks, con

  4. durandconnie says:

    Thank you! :) so sweet of you to do.

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