Tooth Fairy Certificate

Tooth fairy certificates and receiptsFree Tooth Fairy Certificate

A selection of free printable tooth fairy certificates to use when your child’s teeth fall out! There are eight different versions that you can print for free.

Tooth Fairy Receipt

Tooth Fairy Receipt with a blue border and a picture of the tooth fairy holding a tooth

Tooth Fairy Certificate with an orange border and an image of the tooth fairy

Tooth Fairy Certificate with a blue background and an image of the tooth fairy flying

Why give a tooth fairy certificate?

There are two reasons:

Firstly, your child will appreciate it and it doesn’t costs anything. Many kids see this as an important milestone¬†which confirms that they are growing up.

Secondly, it enables you to remember this special moment, when it happened, how your child felt, etc. We tend to forget these memorable moments too quickly.

How do you celebrate losing a tooth?

Please comment below to share your family traditions


  1. I am trying to download the pink tooth fairy certificate that says it is free but the site wont let me?

    • Thanks for letting me know that there is a problem. I fixed it and you should be able to download the tooth fairy certificates now.

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