Marriage Certificate


These marriage certificate templates make great gifts for a wedding or anniversary. The couple will be touched and happy to display them in their home. There are pretty floral versions and a vintage version. Select the design that you think the couple will prefer. They are all free!

Certificate of marriage

marriage certificate

Wedding printable

wedding certificates

marriage printable

Fake marriage certificate

Certificate of marriage template

Anniversary certificate

wedding printable

marriage certificates to print

This printable has space for a photo of the bride and groom.

Wedding certificate template

Vintage Marriage Certificate

Free custom marriage certificate template. This makes a great gift for a wedding or anniversary. Just add two photos (in color or black and white) and type in the details. If you are preparing this for someone as a gift you can roll it up with a pretty ribbon or have it framed.
vintage marriage certificate

vintage wedding certificate

Wedding Certificate Template

If you want to prepare one of these marriage certificates for a newly married couple print it on good quality textured paper. Have it framed to make the gift even more special. If you have chosen the vintage design then you might want to use a vintage style frame. If you select another design then you have more frame options. You can select a modern or vintage style frame.


Please note that this is not an official certificate of marriage. It is not a fake marriage certificate and not a certified copy. The idea is to prepare it for a couple that has been legally married but want a pretty certificate announcing that they are married. The certificate itself does not award them any official status.

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