Curious George

Award Certificates with Curious George

The following certificate templates can be used for various achievements or reasons. Each one can be adapted to your needs. Scroll down to find the most appropriate one, print and then fill in the child’s details.

Certificate Template

Award certificate

Good behavior award with Curious George

A perfect printable certificate for well behaved little monkeys!

good behavior award

Certificate for Merit

This printable certificate can be awarded to kids for achievement

certificate of merit

Certificate of Appreciation

Has your child really tried to help out around the house, do chores or make a special effort? Award him or her with a certificate of appreciation. It will both make them feel good and encourage them to keep up the effort.

certificate of appreciation

Printable award certificate with a red border and a picture of Curious George

This is a general certificate which can be used for any achievement

Printable certificate

Award Certificate

Award certificate with Curious George

You will find many more free printable certificate templates on this site

Who is Curious George?

Curious George is a curious little monkey. He always seems to be getting into trouble. Somehow, something good often happens as a result of his mischief and he is forgiven. A man in a yellow hat looks after George and tries to help him keep out of trouble. My son adores him so I find myself reading all about Curious George nearly every day!

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