Free Certificate Templates

We offer hundreds of free certificate templates. There is no registration required and each certificate template can be customized online within minutes.

Certificate Templates

certificate templateThere is a large selection of certificate templates on this site. Each certificate template can be customized to your needs and all of the text can be changed. You can also add a logo or image if you want. The difference between the certificate templates and the ready to print certificates on this site is the level of customization possible. On the ready made printable certificates not all of the text can be edited, whereas on the templates all text can be changed.

Award certificates can be used in the workplace, at school, home, for donor recognition, by parents, teachers, friends, dentists or doctors…  The possibilities are endless!

Gift Certificate Template – Free

gift certificate templatesWe offer a wide selection of free gift certificate templates that can be personalized. Each free gift certificate template can be customized with our free online certificate maker or with Microsoft Word.

Certificate Maker

Most of the certificate templates on this site can be customized. With the help of our certificate generator you can change the text, select a border and add an image/logo to create a certificate to suit your needs. To make a certificate open our certificate maker. Please note that there is no charge to customize the certificate images on this site.

 Certificates for Kids

Free printable certificates

Children love to be praised, recognized and rewarded. A printable certificate can be used to boost self-confidence, modify behavior, encourage participation, motivate students and recognize achievements.

 Education & School Certificates

Award Certificate with a blue polka dot border and a picture of a little girl (which can be replaced with your picture)Certificates can be used successfully to motivate children to study and behave well in class. Certificates can be awarded for excellence, effort, participation and good behavior.

You can even add your school logo!

We offer the following free printable certificates for students:

and many more award certificates. Use our certificate maker to customize any award.

 Teacher Awards – Teacher Appreciation

Teachers play an important role in educating our children. They have a very difficult job and do not always receive sufficient compensation and recognition.  Why not make them a free printable certificate as a token of appreciation?

Sports Awards

A selection of award templates for physical education (PE) and various sports including football, baseball, running, basketball certificates and many others. We also offer generic awards if you do not find a specific sport.

Certificates for Employees

Award certificates can be used in the workplace to promote excellence. Base criteria on knowledge, skills and/or behavioral competencies.

Certificate of Appreciation with a gold border and a company logo at the bottomThey can also be used to help motivate employees as part of a recognition program. If employees successfully meet their goals they could be publicly recognized and receive tangible rewards. Tangible rewards do not necessarily have to be in the form of money or gifts. Instead, a printable certificate can be used to reward an employee. This will help motivate employees, build self-esteem and strengthen company pride.

You can either use one of our ready make certificates of appreciation or employee of the month certificate or create your own certificate template with our certificate maker and huge selection of certificate borders and designs. This will enable you to choose a border that is most appropriate for your company. Since you can customize all of the text, the certificate can be used for any purpose. You can also choose the award ribbon if you want to use one.

You can add you company logo to make your certificates look more official and professional. If you are looking for something more fun then try our funny employee awards.

Funny Awards

Religious Awards

Love, Marriage and Family

Certificate Borders

If you prefer to make the award certificate yourself then you might want to try a certificate border or a blank certificate from the huge selection available. You can add text and images to them with the help of our certificate maker.

Didn’t find what you were looking for?

Please contact us and we will do our best to create any award certificates that you request (free of charge).


  1. i am trying to find a certificate for my girl and boy for being brave and for being there for there little sister how has got epilipes

    • From tomorrow there will be an option to create custom certificates with the text of your choice. You will be able to write whatever you want and even add a photo of your kids. They will also be free (as are the rest of the award certificates on this site).

  2. andrea claverie says:

    I´´m trying to print Mr. Men certificates but I can´t.
    Should I have to become a member or something?
    How can I print your certificates?

    • Andrea, Thanks for letting me know that there was a problem with these certificates.
      I’ve fixed it and you should be able to print them now.

  3. Pam van Engelshoven says:

    Hi, I need a certificate for participation in a training that I gave, preferably with possibility for logo and change of color. The link for “participation” does not activate unfortunately.

  4. I want a Worlds Best Friend award certificate. Thanks

  5. Wynona Preston says:

    I would like a certificate that would reflect students who are a part of their school news/ morning broadcast.

  6. I’m looking for a certificate award for piano students. Just need Music Certificate of Achievement in Piano, congratulations to, awarded this date, teacher name, and date.
    Thank you on what you can come up with !

  7. hi, I love your website, its super cool! thanks , I just wanted your help , could you please make a star of the week award certificate for me, it would be appreciated

  8. I have missed my MBA certificate and want to make new one as it is original.
    can any one help me t print same to same original.

    Thank, rajesh

  9. I need to build something for a gift certificate for free riding and trail ride lessons at a friends stable… it can be pretty basic but how do I get something horsey in there to make it look rated to the type of gift i want it to project? Maybe get a horse head on it of something…do you have a clip art section ?

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