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Free diploma templates that can be fully edited. You can change the text on each diploma template so it is suitable for high school, college, preschool, kindergarten or even homeschool. You can also use them for participation or completion of a program if you wish.

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What can these certificate templates be used for?

Please note that these are not fake diploma templates. We have provided these for institutions or organizations that would like to present them to their students and are looking for graduation diplomas to print. If you are looking for a fake diploma template this is not the place.

Types of Diplomas

Diploma templates can vary widely based on the purpose, the institution issuing the diploma, and the level of formality. Here are some common types of diploma templates:

  1. High School Diploma Templates: These are used by secondary schools to certify that students have completed the necessary coursework to graduate. These templates often include the school’s logo, the student’s name, the date of graduation, and signatures from school officials. To add the logo of your high school click on “Add Image”. You can also just add the high school name if you don’t want to add the logo.
  2. College and University Diploma Templates: Higher education institutions use these templates to confer degrees upon graduates. They typically include more formal elements such as a seal or crest, sophisticated fonts, and may mention the specific degree earned, like Bachelor’s, Master’s, or Doctorate. To add the logo of your institution click on “Add Image”.
  3. Vocational and Technical Diploma Templates: These diplomas are issued by vocational schools and technical colleges to signify completion of specialized training programs. They might include specific details about the skills or trades learned.
  4. Online Course Diploma Templates: Used by online education platforms and institutions to certify completion of online courses or programs. These can be more modern and versatile in design, sometimes allowing for customization by the recipient.
  5. Corporate Training Diploma Templates: Companies may issue these upon completion of internal training programs. They are usually simpler and focus on the specific skills or knowledge acquired.
  6. Certificate of Achievement Templates: While not traditional diplomas, these certificates are often used to recognize participation or achievement in various areas, such as workshops, seminars, or short courses.
  7. Professional Certification Templates: Used by professional bodies to certify that an individual has met the standards and qualifications required in specific fields, like accounting, project management, or IT.

Each type of diploma template can be adapted for specific needs and may include different levels of design complexity, from very formal and traditional to more modern and minimalistic. We offer many different templates that you can customize as per your specific needs.

How to Make a Diploma?

  1. Select the template.
  2. Edit the wording.
  3. Add a logo (optional).
  4. Add an award ribbon.
  5. Download as a PDF.
  6. Print.

Sample Certificate Wording

Creating a high school diploma template involves choosing wording that is both formal and emblematic of the institution’s values and standards. Here are some sample wordings for different sections of a high school diploma:


  • “Diploma of Graduation”
  • “Certificate of Completion”
  • “High School Diploma”

Introductory Statement

  • “This certifies that”
  • “This is to certify that”
  • “This diploma is awarded to”

Achievement Description

  • “has satisfactorily completed the required course of study prescribed by the Board of Education for graduation from”
  • “has fulfilled the necessary requirements for graduation at”
  • “is hereby awarded this diploma having completed the requisite curriculum at”

School Name

  • “Anytown High School”
  • “Springfield Secondary School”
  • “[Name of School] Academy”


  • “Given this day of [Month], [Year]”
  • “Awarded this [Day] day of [Month], [Year]”
  • “In recognition of completion this [Month], [Year]”

Signature Titles

  • “Principal”
  • “Head of School”
  • “Superintendent”
  • “Chairperson of the School Board”

  • Often includes phrases like “Official Seal” or “With the Seal of the School”
  • “School Seal”
  • “Board of Education”
Certificate of Completion

This is to certify that

[Name of Graduate]

has satisfactorily completed the required course of study prescribed by the Board of Education for graduation from

Anytown High School

Given this 20th day of June, 2024

[Signature of Principal]                  [Signature of Superintendent]
       Principal                                     Superintendent

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