Graduation Certificates

Free printable graduation certificate templates that you can customize and edit before you print. We offer a variety of different graduation certificates – some are formal, some are fun, some are ready-made, and others can be customized with your own photo and text. Select the certificate that suits you best. They are all free!

Graduation certificates

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certificate of graduation

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Formal version with a photo

All you need to do is choose a photo that you would like to add to the certificate and insert your text. Our certificate maker will prepare the graduation certificate for you free of charge!

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Graduation certificate

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graduation diploma

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Preschool Graduation Certificates

Includes daycare, preschool, pre-kindergarten, junior kindergarten, and a generic version.

(with or without photo)

Preschool graduation certificate

Kindergarten Graduation Certificates

(with or without photo)

Kindergarten Diploma with a colored border and a stack of books and a pencil. The title was created with building blocks.

Graduation Certificates for School

(from 1st to 12th grade)

Certificate of Graduation

Editable Graduation Diploma Template

You can edit all the text so you can use these templates for multiple purposes.

graduation diploma

We offer several different graduation diplomas. Graduation from:

  • Preschool
  • Kindergarten
  • School
  • College
  • Templates for graduation from any program

We also have a selection of superlative awards perfect for graduation time!


Formal version without a photo

certificate of graduationYou can customize the following graduation certificates with your text free of charge. If you prefer to add a photo, then check out our graduation certificates with photos above.

All you need to do is select the graduation certificate template that you would like to use, select a stamp or seal, and insert your text. Our certificate maker will guide you through each of these stages and prepare the graduation certificate for you free of charge!

There are four different graduation certificate templates for you to select from.

Certificate of graduation certificate

Customize & Print

Certificate of graduation certificate template

Customize & Print

graduation certificate template

Customize & Print

Gold Certificate of graduation certificate

Customize & Print

When should you issue a certificate?

If you offer any training program you should always award students with a certificate. Firstly, many participants will prefer to participate in a program that offers a certificate than one that doesn’t. Some people have very little formal education and are willing to enroll in any course or framework that offers them a certificate. This helps them create a resume and some people like to hang awards in their office or place of work.

What is a graduate certificate?

A graduate certificate is a diploma or certificate that recognizes that a student has completed training at an educational institution. This is not to be confused with a degree issued by an institute of higher education such as a university or college.

What is the difference between a diploma, degree, and certificate?

A certificate and diploma program usually take less time to complete than a degree. They are also usually more focused on specific skills whereas a degree usually covers more general subjects. A degree is often more theoretical whereas a diploma is often more practical. The requirements to pursue a degree are usually stricter than those required to pursue a diploma. The more sought after the college or university the more difficult it is to be accepted. Many professional fields require a degree. Some only require a bachelor’s degree, whereas others may require a graduate degree or a masters degree.

What information should appear on a graduation certificate template?

The following details should appear:

  • recipient’s full legal name
  • name of the institution (i.e. school, college, or university name)
  • qualification title or degree title
  • date of issue or graduation.
  • school, college, or university logo or seal
  • postgraduate qualifications sometimes mention specialization


Suggested Wording

Diploma Certificate Template Wording

This is to certify that

[Recipient’s Name]

was duly granted the


[Optional – Add Specialization] [Institution’s Name]



Degree Template Wording

This is to certify that

[Recipient’s Name]

was duly admitted to the degree of

[Degree Title] [Optional – Add Specialization] [Institution’s Name]




Do scholarships appear on graduation certificates?

No. Scholarships generally do not appear on certificates. They often appear on the student’s transcript.


How to Make Multiple Copies

If you are making many copies, then we suggest you save the graduation template so that you can only change the name when all other details of future awards are identical.


These templates can be used freely by schools, organizations, and institutions.


  1. Life Experience Certificate of Achievement
    (it would be for someone who could not fulfill her study/career dreams due to chronic illness – an optional short list of qualities she developed through it all would be much appreciated)

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