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Select a pet birth certificate below. Edit all text and add a photo of your pet. Since the text is editable, you can use it for stuffed animals, cats, other pets, etc.

Dog Birth Certificate

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Dog adoption certificate

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Pet Birth Certificate

Pet birth certificate
Pet adoption certificate

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Pet adoption certificate
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Dogs are not our whole life but make our lives whole. Having a dog means having a friend who not only adores you but also is under a vow to be loyal to you their whole life. Adopting one is simple, and it only takes a few processes to own these faithful friends legally. And one of the legally required fundamentals is having a birth certificate for them. This certificate serves various purposes, typically in the legal domain.

Why would you want an unofficial pet birth certificate?

1. To keep track of your pet’s birthday
An unofficial birth certificate helps remind you of your pet’s birthday so that you don’t miss any celebrations. If you don’t have one provided by your pet shop, or animal shelter, remembering exactly when your pet was born can be tricky.
2. To know the age of your pet
You may probably know how old by years your pet is, but not by days or hours. And if you don’t have an official birth certificate, knowing how old by days or hours your pet is can be challenging. With an unofficial birth certificate, it’s easy to know exactly how old your pet is.

3. As a keepsake
Unofficial birth certificates serve as a souvenir from your pet. You see, animals aren’t blessed with long lifespans as humans are and therefore, stay with us for a limited time. And, if by any chance they pass on, we are left holding on to their memories. Having a memento like customized unofficial birth certificates keeps you reminiscing about them so that you don’t miss them too much.

Who can use these birth certificates?

Pet shops

A pet shop can customize pet birth certificates and include their identity in the form of names and logos. They can also add their signatures and pet owner named on the certificate. It makes it look formal and credible and forges trust and credibility with potential pet owners. Besides, it keeps track of their birthdays so that these pet owners know when to celebrate them.

Animal shelters

Animal shelters can also make unofficial pet birth certificates if they don’t have the means to issue government birth certificates. Finding customizable templates of pet birth certificates can be easy to edit and add important information regarding the pet or the name of the shelter and owners.

Parents who are getting a dog for their kids

There is no prouder moment than parents’ getting their kid’s a puppy. It makes their world glow and shine brighter, which is usually one of the most memorable family moments. If a puppy doesn’t have a birth certificate, parents can find customizable templates to document their birthdays, names, and other essential information.

Proud owners of a new dog

Whether given by a pet shop or a pet shelter, new pet owners can use an unofficial puppy birth certificate or dog certificate to document essential information about their new pet. Besides, these certificates can be good keepsakes for their pets to keep them contemplating their memories if they pass on.

Unofficial birth certificates do not serve the same purpose as government-issued pet birth certificates. Whether you are planning to adopt or buy a pet, using one still has many benefits and purposes.

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