Reading Certificates

A selection of free printable reading certificate templates to award students for learning to read or for reading regularly. These editable certificates are great for teachers and/or parents to motivate children and to get them to read more.

Reader of the Day, Week, Month, and Year

Free Printable Reading Certificate Printables

Good Reader Award for Students

This is a good reader certificate.

Customize & Print

This is an achievement certificate for learning to read.


Super Reader Certificate

Can be used by teachers to reward students

If your child is a reader or you belong to an organization that is attempting to encourage increased literacy and reading, then reading certificates could prove to be a very useful tool for you. Reading certificates can be awarded as milestones, and awards, and deployed for other purposes as well.

We offer a range of reading certificates that can help to achieve these objectives and ensure children and young adults are rewarded for reading more. With reading certificates within your grasp, you can ensure that maximum benefit is achieved from reading and that you form a connection for children that ties reading to positive outcomes.

Benefits of Reading Certificates

There are many benefits to awarding a reading award to children. Reading certificates can be the first step that you need to ensure positive outcomes and that reading is encouraged in your household or reading initiative. Here are some of the benefits that can be enjoyed by using reading certificates.


The first and most obvious benefit of awarding certificates to children that read and accomplish reading goals is that they will feel encouraged. This encouragement that is achieved by letting them know that they have met a goal is invaluable in many ways. Awarding a certificate or other acknowledgment lets children know that they’ve done a good job and should keep it up!


When kids are motivated to read more, the effects often compound. With more reading in their lives, they are going to experience the enrichment that often comes with that act. Reading has been shown by multiple studies to be very enriching for children and has many positive benefits.

Perfect Gift

Are you looking for a gift for a child that loves to read? Gifts aren’t always easy to get for children, but an acknowledgment that you are proud of what they have accomplished when it comes to reading is a great start.

Suggestion: keep a log of how many books students read. Compare the numbers each week and each month to award the reader of the week or the read of the month. You can also award a “Most Improved Reader Certificate” to the student who increased their reading the most.


It’s a shame that kids don’t read enough today. I find that when I do encourage my kids to read they actually enjoy it. They just don’t think about reading with all the distractions there are today.

Even if you get students to read just to receive an award they will still read in the process. I think it’s worth it!


  1. Hello,

    This website is very genius and I liked it.

    It’s my inspiration for next school year. I’m a teacher of English and my children, I mean my students will love them incredibly.

    Thansk a lot!

    1. Annie,
      The reading certificates can now be customized as per your request! There is one version with a school logo and another version without a logo.

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