Superlative Awards

superlative awards

End of Year Classroom Awards

40 free printable superlative awards to use for a red carpet award ceremony at the end of the year.

The end of the school year is a very exciting time for both teachers and students. Why not celebrate with an Academy Awards-style ceremony recognizing students’ achievements or special traits? The event can be fun and memorable. You can create an Academy Award atmosphere by making a red carpet, by laying red fabric on the floor and decorating the classroom accordingly. Allow students to dress up for the ceremony. Make the award ceremony fun and positive. It is bound to be a memorable event. Each child receives a unique award certificate (we have 40 different options available and they are all free!) which will remind students of the special year you spent together.


Superlative Award Template

This superlative certificate template can be used for any purpose.

Superlative Template

This template looks like the design above but it is a generic award and the text can be edited.

Generic Classroom Award

Generic Award Template

You can also use our free certificate maker which enables you to select any background and edit all text.


Superlatives List

Use this printable superlatives list to assign an award to each student. Once you have assigned an award to each child, you can start preparing the certificates and write your students’ names on the certificates. Preparing the superlatives list provided will ensure that there won’t be students who receive more than one certificate and others that don’t get any.

Some of these awards recognize academic achievement but since not all students excel and stand out we have included additional awards to enable each student to receive an award certificate for a unique personality trait or achievement. This will ensure that you recognize each child for talent, achievement, or effort.

There are many different ways to reward each student. Funny award ideas are great and make the ceremony fun. It is important to ensure that it is not at the expense of any of the students. try to find funny award ideas that are positive and don’t hurt anyone’s feelings. “Most likely to awards” can be fun too.

What can these awards be used for?

  • Superlative awards
  • Classroom superlatives
  • Funny superlative awards
  • Superlative awards for students
  • Superlative awards for kids
  • End of the year superlatives
  • Preschool superlatives (since you can edit the text you can adapt the awards that are not appropriate for preschoolers)

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