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Certificate of Appreciation Wording

Wording for Employees

A Certificate of Appreciation is a document that recognizes an employee’s accomplishment, service, or other contribution. The certificate might be given as a formal employee recognition award or as an informal congratulatory message to the recipient.
In today’s competitive work environment, it has become more difficult for employers to find ways to retain their top talent. As a result, award certificates are often used as a way of thanking employees for their service and contribution. Certificates can be given in any circumstance where someone has gone out of his/her way to improve the success of the company or organization.

The certificate of appreciation wording for employees should let the recipients know that they have been noticed and recognized for their effort and contribution.

Sample award certificate wording:

We award you with this

Certificate of Appreciation

in appreciation of your outstanding contribution to [company name]

This certificate is gratefully presented to [Name] for his/her outstanding contribution to the group research project [project name] hosted by [organization name]. Thank you so much for your support.

Date ……………………………………..    Signature ……………………………….

This certificate is gratefully awarded to [Name] for his/her significant contribution in providing administrative support at the events organized by [organization name]. We are truly grateful for your contribution.

Date ……………………………………..    Signature ……………………………….

This certificate is presented to [Name] for the positive attitude and impressive accomplishments that have made our business more successful. We efforts are very much appreciated.

Date ………………………………….    Signature …………………………..

This certificate is presented to [Name] with a deep appreciation for your extraordinary service at [Company Name] and dedication to your profession.

Signature ……………………………    Date …………………………………..

Presented to [Name] for his/her valuable contribution toward the successful implementation of our company’s excellent quality assurance programs. Your expertise and determination are highly commended.

Signature ……………………………    Date …………………………………..

Awarded to [Name] in appreciation of the valuable service rendered as a field consultant/researcher for our company’s corporate planning division.

Signature ………………………………..    Date: ………………………………………

Wording for Donors

A certificate of appreciation for donors is a formal award or letter that you can use to thank your donors for their contributions.
The certificate of appreciation wording should be directed to the donor, thanking them for their contribution and mentioning the impact it will have on your organization. You could also list some of the projects the funds will go towards.

Sample award certificate wording:

Thank you, _ _ _, for your generous donation to our organization! We are so grateful for your support of our mission and cannot thank you enough for making it possible. Your generous contribution helps us work towards our goal of ___ by funding ___.

Awarded to [Name] for your generous contribution in the fundraiser for [event name], organized by [organization name]. We would like to express our gratitude for your support.

Date …………………………………    Signature ………………………….

Wording for Volunteer

See volunteer appreciation certificate

[Organization Logo]

Certificate of Appreciation Presented to [Volunteer’s Full Name]

In Grateful Recognition of Your Exceptional Service


Your selfless dedication and tireless efforts as a volunteer with [Organization Name] have made a significant difference in our mission and the lives of those we serve. Your commitment to our cause is truly inspiring.

Your passion and generosity have touched the hearts of many, and we are deeply thankful for your invaluable contributions. Your time, skills, and dedication have helped us achieve our goals and make a positive impact on our community.

On behalf of [Organization Name], we extend our sincere appreciation and gratitude for your outstanding volunteer service.

[Signature] [Title] [Organization Name]

Appreciation in the Workplace

Both large corporations and small companies use award certificates to increase the productivity of their employees. They are used to inspire, motivate, appreciate, and retain employees. An employee certificate can be awarded for a “job well done,” perfect attendance, etc.

Many managers are so busy on a day-to-day basis that they never take the time to stop and give their workers a few words of encouragement or appreciation. Presenting workers with an award certificate is one way to ensure that they know just how much you appreciate them and their work. When employees feel appreciated, they are often more motivated and willing to put more into their job.

It doesn’t cost you anything since you can print and customize a certificate for employees for free. You can also add your company logo so they look professional.

Framing award certificates make them look more impressive, so if you have the budget to do so, we recommend it. Also, try to print the certificates on high-quality paper. It makes them look more prestigious.

When employees receive a certificate of appreciation from their company, they often hang them in their office. This serves as a constant reminder that their hard work is appreciated. It motivates them and their colleagues.

A positive working environment leads to happier employees. Happier employees are more motivated and productive so employee recognition not only benefits the employees but ultimately helps the company.

How can award certificates be used in the workplace?

  • Employee Certificates for any Achievement
  • Certificate of Appreciation
  • Certificate of Achievement
  • Associate of the Month
  • Certificate of Completion
  • The Employee of the Month / Week
  • Leadership
  • Certificate of Excellence
  • Participation in Training
  • Boss’s Day

Years of Service Award

A “years of service award” is used in many industries to congratulate someone on the amount of time they served, worked for, or volunteered for a specific cause or institution. It’s similar to the generic certificate of completion but has a different goal. The reason to issue a years of service award is specifically to recognize how much time someone has devoted to a specific job, cause, or event. Since these are most often given out by companies or organizations, they usually have specific images or text related to the issuer of the award. The name of the recipient as well as the time they put into service are also very important and should stand out on the document.

Since all text can be edited and changed you can very easily create an “X Years of Service Certificate Template”. Just double-click on the title and edit the text. You can also edit the certificate wording to reflect however many years of service you are recognizing.

Sample Years of Service Certificate Wording

Certificate of 10 years of service

This certificate is awarded to [name] for the continued commitment and excellence during your 10 years of service as [job title] at [institution name].

Date _____________________

Signature _________________

[Company Name]

Service Award Certificate

This certificate is presented to [name] in recognition of his invaluable contribution throughout 10 years of service as a [job title] at [company name].

Date _____________________

Signature _________________

15 years of service Certificate

This is to certify that [name] has worked tirelessly with [company name] for 15 years now. [Company Name] and its partners would like to sincerely thank [name] for the service that he/she provided as a [job title] during the period that he/she worked with us.

Date _____________________

Signature _________________

Certificate of Service

This certificate has been proudly awarded to [name] for the service that he/she provided as a [job title] during the [number of years] that he/she has worked at [company name].

Date ______________________

Signature __________________

Certificate of 20 years of service

This certificate has been awarded to [name] for the service that he/she provided to [company name] for a period of 20 years. The entire [company name] fraternity is so much grateful and wishes [Mr./Mrs./Ms. name] a great future ahead.

Date ________________________

Signature ____________________

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Tips for Using Certificates of Appreciation

A certificate of appreciation is a great way to let someone know you appreciate their time, effort, gesture, or contribution. It costs practically nothing (all of our award certificates are free) and conveys your message in a fun manner.

Make sure that the certificate is appropriate for the occasion

There are many different reasons to award someone with an appreciation certificate, and the text should be adapted accordingly. For example, if you are giving it to a child to appreciate her behavior, then the certificate can be fun and colorful. On the other hand, if you are awarding it on behalf of a company, then the certificate should be more formal and could include the company’s logo. We offer free printable certificates of appreciation to which you can add your company’s logo or school’s symbol.

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Personalize the certificate – add your photo, logo, or symbol

Once you have downloaded the certificate of appreciation template add the relevant details to personalize it – the recipient’s name, the date, the reason for the award, name of the organization or person giving the award.

You can either use a certificate that is ready except for the recipient’s name or you can use a blank certificate template and insert your own text. This gives you more flexibility but is also slightly more work.

Have the certificate framed and use good-quality paper

If you are creating the certificate for a formal occasion, then be sure to print it on good-quality paper. If you have it framed, it will look even more impressive. A frame doesn’t even have to cost that much.

If you didn’t find the perfect certificate on this page then please feel free to make your own with our custom certificate maker. We offer hundreds of different printable certificate templates and most of them can be used for multiple purposes and/or adapted for any occasion.

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  1. I want to give a certificate of appreciation to youths who give our community bet entertainments performances like dances and singing in the past ten years and we believe that they are the real role model and inspiring to other youngsters. Can you please advice me how should i write the best with best wordings.Thank you.

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