How do I print the certificate on one page?

On your printer’s settings click on “fit to page”.

I cannot download.

Some of the certificates cannot be downloaded as images but only as PDF documents. This usually happens when the file size is very large. If you attempt to download a certificate as an image file (the cloud icon) and it doesn’t start downloading right away then download it as a PDF document (the page icon – see below).

I downloaded the certificate but cannot find it.

Once you successfully download a certificate it is saved in your “downloads” file or wherever you have set your browser to save downloaded files.  You can change this preference in your browser’s settings.

Do I need to download any software to use the certificate maker?

No. This is an online app. There is no need to download any software.

How do I remove the watermark on the certificate?

The watermark is removed for premium members only. For a small monthly fee, you can become a premium member which will entitle you to download as many premium certificates without a watermark as you want.

How do you save your certificate?

There are a few ways to save your certificates:

  1. You can save it in your browser by clicking on the icon to save the certificate.
  2. save

To open it you will click on the icon to access your saved certificates.


This method is not always reliable since your saved certificates can be erased if you erase your browser’s cache.

  1. You can download the certificate as an image (see below).
  2. You can download the certificate as a PDF document (see below).

How do you print your certificate?

You can either save your certificate on your PC (see above) or print directly from the certificate maker. To print click on the following button:


How do you download as an image?

To download your certificate as an image (png file) you can click on the following image.

download as image

Please note that some certificates are not available as an image. This depends on the size of the downloaded image and usually occurs when an image is more than 1.2 MB. If this happens then use another method to save your image (see above) or download as a PDF document (see below).

How do you download as a PDF document?

All certificates can be downloaded as a PDF document.  To do this click on this icon:


I cannot open the PDF document.

To open a PDF document you will need a program such as Adobe reader. This program is free and will enable you to open any PDF file (not only from this site). Get Adobe Reader.

How do I add an image or a logo?

You can add an image or logo by clicking on this button:

add image

Once you have added it you can move it around or make it bigger or smaller.

How do I add text?

You can add additional text to any certificate by clicking on this button.

add text

Once you have added it you can move it around, make it bigger or smaller, change the font and the font color.

How do I edit text?

There are a few ways to edit text.

  1. Double click on the text and then type the text that you would like to appear.
  2. Click on the text and then type in the text box above the certificate.

I cannot select the text or object that I want to edit

Sometimes when objects are really close to each other you might find it difficult to select a specific object.  It might happen if you are working on a really small screen such as on a smart phone. If this happens then select the object via the scroll down list.

edit text

How do I erase text?

Click on the text that you want to erase. On the bottom right side of the text box there is a little x. Click on it and it will disappear.

Please note that if you want to change the text then it is easier to edit it than to erase and add new text.

How do I replace the award ribbon?

Some of the certificate templates on this site enable you to select the award ribbon. The selection of award ribbons will be available as you open the certificate maker. If you do not select a ribbon then the box will close. To open it again click on “click here to choose a border or ribbon”.

select ribbon

How do I replace the certificate border?

Some of the certificate templates on this site enable you to select the certificate border. To open the selection of borders click on “click here to choose a border or ribbon” (see above). Click on “choose a ribbon” and below it, you will see “choose a border”. Click on it and the selection of available borders will appear. Select the border that you want to use.

I have another question that is not listed

Please leave a comment below and we will assist you.

I found a typo or problem with one of the certificates.

Please leave a comment on the page with the problem so that we can get it fixed.

I have a suggestion to improve this site.

Please leave a comment. We are always looking for ways to improve the site and make it better for our users.

How do I cancel a premium membership?

Open your account page. Click on the subscription icon.

Cancel – will stop the recurring payments but will keep your membership active until the end of the period that you have paid for.
Delete – will completely delete the membership and you will no longer have access to it.