Music Certificates

music awards

A selection of free printable music certificate template awards. The details of each certificate can be typed before you print it but the titles cannot be changed. If you require a different title then you might want to try our free certificate templates that can be totally customized to your needs.

Music Awards

music certificate with an image of two kids listening to music certificate with a picture of a guitar music certificate template free music award with an electrical guitar and a black border free printable music award with a blue border and a blue ribbon free printable certificate with a green border, a yellow ribbon and piano keys music award certificate with gold border, gold ribbon and red text printable award with a grey border and blue music clipart

Piano Recital Certificate

A piano award certificate that can be awarded after a piano recital or for effort.

music award with an image of a piano, a double grey border and a red ribbon

certificate with picture of a piano

When learning a musical instrument practice makes perfect but how do you encourage your child to practice? One of the most effective methods to do this is through positive encouragement and incentives. You don’t need to buy your child an expensive gift for practicing a musical instrument and in fact, it doesn’t have to cost anything at all. A printable award certificate is both tangible and expresses your recognition of your child’s effort.

You can use these music certificates for many different purposes:

  • Participating in a music contest
  • Winning a music contest
  • Practicing a musical instrument
  • Best musician award
  • Most improved student
  • Participating in all music lessons
  • Making an effort
  • Participating in a music concert


  1. Michelle Johns says:

    I was using your website to print a Music Award – it has a piano and red emblem on it. Returning today the customize option is no longer available and I had wanted to change the date. Is the customize option no longer going to be available on Music Awards?

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