Elegant Borders

A selection of free elegant borders. You can use them as-is or you can customize them with our free online border maker. Add your own text and/or images.

elegant borders that you can create on this sitePin

Select a border from the selection below or click on the button to open the border maker and select any border.

Customize any Border

gold textured page with a gold ribbon and a red wax sealPin  Customize & Print

gold glitter borderPin   Customize & Print

gold design in two corners of the pagePin   Customize & Print

ornate gold borderPin   Customize & Print

gold textured paperPin   Customize & Print

gold frame with decorations in the cornersPin     Customize & Print

geometric patternPin   Customize & Print

pattern in each of the four cornersPin   Customize & Print

minimilistic designPin   Customize & Print

Parchment with red ribbon down left side and wax sealPin   Customize & Print

silver framePin   Customize & Print

silver frame with silver pattern in each cornerPin   Customize & Print

Vintage border in black and whitePin   Customize & Print

page border with patternPin   Customize & Print

black pattern png with transparent backgroundPin   Customize & Print

png framePin   Customize & Print

black page borderPin   Customize & Print

simple yet ornate minimilistic page borderPin   Customize & Print

black drawing around pagePin   Customize & Print

ornate border with a vintage lookPin   Customize & Print

Ornate border with an oval shapePin   Customize & Print

Elegant borderPin   Customize & Print

black pattern around pagePin    Customize & Print

Elegant border with a delicate black patternPin     Customize & Print

Elegant borderPin   Customize & Print

Customize any Border

There are many more borders on this site

How to Create Elegant Borders for Word Documents

  1. Select the page border that you want to use.
  2. Customize it.
  3. Download it as an image. To do this, click on the cloud icon.
  4. Open a Microsoft Word document.
  5. Click on “insert picture”.
  6. Select the downloaded border. It will probably be in your downloads folder unless you have changed your browser’s settings.
  7. The document should now have a border.


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