Certificate of Achievement

A certificate of achievement is a great way to say “Well done” for any achievement big or small. You can customize each certificate template online and then print it at home. Fill in your details and add additional text if required. You can also add your company or school logo.

What is a Certificate of Achievement

A certificate of achievement is an award that is given to someone in recognition of an achievement or as a reward for doing well on an assessment or evaluation, successfully completing modules in a course or tasks in an internship. Certificates of achievement are often given for taking part in competitions such as sporting events or creative competitions.

Sample Certificate of Achievement

Each sample certificate template has dummy text that you can edit with our free online certificate maker. See certificate of achievement wording examples below. You can also change the certificate border and the award ribbon.

Use the following free printable certificate of achievement templates for any achievement. Select the design of your choice and customize the text. There is a large array of designs available. They can all be customized with our free certificate maker. Each template comes in three versions: Microsoft Word, an editable PDF which is a blank certificate of achievement which you can fill in before your print. There is also a more flexible version on which you can change each and every element on the template online before you download and print (no software is required). You can change the award ribbon, the background, the text or even the title. For example, if you want to change the title to “Certificate of Accomplishment” then click on the title and type.

Certificate of Achievement Template

We offer a wide selection of achievement certificates for any purpose. Customize any Certificate of Achievement template free of charge.


Achievement Certificates

Certificates of Achievement

Customize & Print

Certificates of Achievement

Customize & Print

Colored Frames

Each achievement award template below has a simple colored border in a different color.

Achievement Certificates

Framed Achievement Certificates

Achievement Certificates

Colored Achievement Awards

The following achievement award certificate printables are colorful and fun. They are more suitable for less formal awards.

Black and White Certificate Templates


Certificate of Excellence

certificate of excellence

Customize & Print

Award of Excellence

Award of excellence

Customize & Print

If you prefer an editable certificate of excellence then try the certificate maker below. On this version, you can edit the text but you cannot change the border and titles.

Certificate of Achievement Wording

Here are some certificate of achievement wording examples:


Certificate of Achievement

This certificate is proudly presented to [name] for an honorable achievement in [title]

Date ……………………………………….

Signature …………………………………


Certificate of Achievement

This is to certify that [name] has performed exemplary in [achievement or task title]. Our organization is honored to award [name] full certification as an [title].

Date _____________________

Signature _________________


Certificate of Achievement

Proudly awarded to [name] in recognition of the outstanding performance and [title] achievement throughout the [title] period.

Date _________________________

Signature _____________________


Certificate of Achievement

This certificate has been presented to [name] for becoming the first [title]. We thank him/her a lot for the contribution he/she has made to make our cause successful and wish him/her the best in his/her future endeavors.

Date _________________________

Signature _____________________


Certificate of Achievement

This award is presented to [name] for outstanding achievement in [title] during the [event name] held at [place] from [date] to [date].

Awarded on __________________

Signature ____________________

How to Make a Certificate of Achievement Template?

  1. Select a template from the selection above.
  2. Click on “customize”.
  3. Type the name of the recipient, the reason for receiving the award, the date, and the name of the person or establishment issuing the award.
  4. Move the text around if necessary. You can also make text larger or smaller if you want.
  5. You can change the title if you want. For example, change it to “Certificate of Accomplishment” or any other title. To change the title, double-click on it and type the new text.
  6. Click on download or print. The downloaded certificates will be stored in your “downloads” folder unless you have set your browser’s settings to save elsewhere. Open from this folder to print.
  7. Your certificate is ready! You can give it as is or have it framed.
  8. You can make as many free achievement certificates as you want!

We also offer a certificate of achievement Word format. It has a text box to fill in the text. It isn’t as flexible as the method above, but it is available to you if you prefer.

Didn’t find what you were looking for? We also have hundreds of free certificate templates available. They can all be customized with our certificate maker.

Certificate maker

Open Certificate Creator


Uses for the Certificate of Achievement printables

School certificates

Award school children for their achievements in the classroom or outside of it.


Award employees for achievements at work to motivate them and the rest of the staff. Studies show that you should not award employees for thigs that they are expected to do as part of their job description but rather for achievements over and above what you expect of them.


Award sports achievements at sports clubs and schools. You award people for reaching a fitness goal, for a sports achievement or for winning a game.

Community service award

Motivate volunteers with certificates awarding them for their achievements and showing your appreciation. Volunteers love to know their effort is appreciated and that their time is well spent.


After years of service, an award certificate can help to commemorate the occasion and show appreciation for all work done over the years.


How to Print

Some people experience difficulties when printing the certificate templates directly. We suggest you download the award certificate to your PC and then print it from there. Before you download your award certificate, proofread it. You don’t want to find a typo after you print particularly if you are printing on quality paper or cardstock.

The Benefits of Certificate of Accomplishment Templates

  • Award certificates promote excellence and encourage students or employees. Positive reinforcement is beneficial in education, at the workplace or anywhere, really. It is a powerful tool that can motivate people to improve and excel.
  • Our certificates templates are very professional and they will look like you had them custom made.
  • Recipients will be proud to display the certificate they received. It is tangible proof that their effort is noticed and appreciated. When awarding the certificate, it is an opportunity to say thank you, shake the recipient’s hand, and set a good example. You can have a photo taken of the handshake and share it internally to show your employees that you appreciate their efforts.
  • Motivate people by showing them that their effort didn’t go unnoticed.
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