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Create a free printable certificate of participation template for participation in events, programs, meetings, competitions, or educational courses. You can customize all the templates without downloading any software! You just type in the text before you print to create a professional award certificate. Add a logo or image.

A sample of the certificates of participation that you can create on this site.

Some of the templates include a company logo that you can upload. Even if a logo does not appear on the template, you select you can still add it.

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Participation certificate with a comapny logo

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Add your own logo to either of these certificates

This is a sample certificate of participation template with a logo on it. However, please note that even if there is no sample logo, you can still add a logo to any award template on this page.

Printable award in black and white with a comapny logo

Certificate of Participation with a gold frame and blue wax seal

fun certificate for kids

Certificate of Participation Template

colored award certificate with red and gold ribbon

award for participants for black border

A participation certificate is also a perfect solution if you want to award each participant and not only those who excelled. If, for example, you give the top students a certificate of excellence you can give all other participants a certificate of participation award. This ensures that every person receives some recognition.

Sample Wording

You can customize this wording by replacing the bracketed placeholders with the specific details of your event or program. You may also add additional information, such as a message of appreciation or specific accomplishments if applicable. Don’t forget to include the date, a signature, and an official seal or logo for authenticity.

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Certificate of Participation

This is to certify that

[Participant’s Full Name]

has successfully participated in the

[Event/Program/Workshop/Activity Name]

held on [Date(s)].

[Organizing Entity/Company Name] acknowledges the valuable contribution and active engagement of [Participant’s Name] throughout the duration of this [Event/Program/Workshop/Activity].

[Additional Information or Custom Message]

Date: [Date] Signature: [Signature]

[Official Seal or Logo]

Click Below to Copy the Wording

Certificate of Participation

This is to certify that

[Participant’s Full Name]

has actively participated in the

[Event/Program/Workshop/Activity Name]

organized by

[Organizing Entity/Company Name]

on [Date(s)].

In recognition of your dedication and commitment, we hereby present this certificate as a token of appreciation.

[Additional Information or Custom Message]


[Name of the Organizer or Representative] [Title/Position] [Date]

[Official Seal or Logo]



How do I create a workshop participation certificate?

Select any design from the selection of templates above. Add the name of the participant in the first line. Next, add “for participating in the X workshop” with short details about the workshop. Add the date the workshop took place.

How do I create a certificate without a name?

When creating a printable certificate of participation award for a large number of participants you may not want to include each person’s name. It simply complicates the production and distribution and you might not even know who is going to participate ahead of time. You can adapt the award template so that it does not include the participant’s name. To do so, open the certificate maker. Select any template. Delete the line that relates to the person’s name (i.e. to). Please note that the templates above might be less relevant since the word “to” is not removable in each design. However, the certificate maker is totally flexible and will enable you to do this easily.

It is very easy to add your logo before you print. Click on the image icon and select the file with your logo. Move it to wherever it should appear.

What is the correct format for a certificate of participation?

It really depends on the purpose or the event. If it is for a conference, workshop, or for school you might need it to be more formal. An event certificate will depend on how formal the event is. However, if it is for a fun activity such as a parent participation award, it can be fun and less formal. Select the certificate design that best suits your purpose.

How do I make a letter of participation template?

Some people might require a proof of participation letter. To create one, select one of the templates above (one of the versions with a button under it and not the PDF version). Delete the certificate border. This will create more of a letter style.

Can I change the wording?

Yes, each template has sample text with wording that will suit most circumstances. However, in the event that you want to make changes, you can edit all text. If you want to change the titles and sample text, then select a template with a button under it. Those designs are more flexible than the PDF versions and all text can be edited.

Can I add images?

The templates with a button under them have an option to add an image. You can also add an image to certificate templates created with our free online certificate maker. An image is useful to add a company logo or a related photo or image. For example, if you are creating a walkathon temple, you can add a photo from a previous event or a photo of someone walking.

Can I use these templates for participation in sports events?

Yes, you can. However, you might prefer to check out our sports awards for more specific themes. For example, if you need a football participation award then you might prefer to use a football award certificate. If you are looking for an award for participation in a swim event, then you might prefer our swimming certificates.

Can I use these templates to encourage participation?

Sometimes, we need to encourage people to do something that they might not necessarily do. A good example is getting parents to be more involved. One way to do this is to award them a parent participation award for minimal participation. This might encourage them to be more involved in the future. It also might set a good example for those parents who are less involved.

Didn’t find what you are looking for?

If you are looking for a different design, try our certificate templates that you can customize with your own text (including the title). You can use them for any purpose to create the perfect award for your needs. You can change the certificate layout since every element in these templates can be edited.

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  1. What is the procedure for making a custom golf certificate so I can make one for each member of my team

    1. You can either use a certificate of participation (just click on the certificate template that you want to use to open the certificate maker) or you can use the golf certificates which can also be customized.

  2. Is it possible to customize a certificate that participants can type their own name (and run time) into once they receive the certificate electronically? THEN, they can print out the certificate?

  3. I signed up for the premium membership but the participation certificate still has the watermark. How do I remove the watermak

    1. Theresa,
      Not all of the certificates have a premium version. Only those that specifically say “customize without watermark”.
      These participation certificates do not have a premium version but I will make one for you. It should be up by tomorrow.

  4. Oh okay. Thanks so much and please let me know if you want me to send the Participation Certificate that is a dark green color (almost like military green), that I selected. I did save it. Thank you for your assistance. Good day!

      1. Thanks so much! I have many to print and hope that the no watermark option will stay there up until Saturday. Thanks for your help!

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