Certificate Borders

Are you looking for a free editable certificate border template? The following free border designs can be used for multiple purposes such as certificate borders or page borders. Either print an empty border template or use our free certificate maker to insert text and/or add an award ribbon from the wide selection available. You can also add images such as company logos or photos.

Free Borders

Picture Frame Border

Silver frame border template with a grey and blue ribbonPin

More Frame Borders

Elegant Border

elgegant border for certificate templatePin

More Elegant Borders

Heart Border

pink heart borderPin

More Heart Borders

Clip Art Borders

Clip art border - brown certificate border with white ribbonsPin

More Clip Art Borders (select your clipart border, ribbon and add as much clip art as you want):

Edit and Print

Vintage Border

vintage borderPin

More Vintage Borders

Flower Border

Flower BorderPin

More Flower Borders

Colored Borders

Select by Color:


silver and gold bordersPin


black bordersPin


blue bordersPin

Make Certificate Border


green bordersPin

Make Certificate Border


pink bordersPin

Make Certificate Border


purple borders

Make Certificate Border


red bordersPin

Make Certificate Border

Holiday Borders


Free Christmas borderPin

More Christmas Borders


Thanksgiving printablesPin

More Thanksgiving Borders

Word Borders

Are you looking for free borders for Word? You can make Microsoft Word border templates with all of the certificate borders above. These can be used in Word documents. In order to use them save the border template that you would like to use. Click on insert -> picture and then select the award border that you saved previously. It will now be inserted into your Word Document. You can make free page borders for Word with any of the borders on this site.

PowerPoint Borders

Would you like to use our free certificate borders in a PowerPoint presentation/document? The process is the same as that described above. Just save the certificate border template to your computer and then insert it into the PowerPoint document.

Certificate Border PNG

The downloadable borders are in png format and in most of the border templates, the content within the border is transparent which enables you to easily insert content into the border. Click on the cloud icon to download as a PNG image.

Printable Borders

If you want to print the border as is then download it as a PDF file (the folded page icon). You can print directly from the app (the printer icon) or save the PDF on your PC and print it from that location.

Certificate Border

If you are using the border templates to create a certificate then click on “customize” and edit the text. If you don’t want a certificate border but just a plain empty border then you can print the empty border only. If you open the certificate and see dummy text it will print if you print as-is. Click on the little x to delete the text.

Other Uses for these Free Borders

Our certificate maker is very versatile and can be used for other purposes as well. Since all text can be edited you can write whatever you want within the border and you can even upload your own photos and logos to create anything you want with these free borders.

  • Certificate templates
  • Page borders
  • Invitation borders
  • To frame photos (you can add your photos on this site and print them frames in the border)
  • Wedding borders
  • Save the date

How to Add a Photo

You can add a photo to any of the certificate border images.

  1. Click on the camera icon and select a photo.
  2. Move it around until you are satisfied with the placement.
  3. You can make it bigger or smaller.
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4 thoughts on “Certificate Borders”

  1. Hello,

    I was looking at your website and was wondering if you could provide more certificate boarders such as classic “ventage in gold with more scrolling that does not look cartoonish. And give us a choice of this kind of boarder with in each scroll work. I know the “supervisors” would like to have a vaiety of choses when awarding the employees. Thanks


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