Jewish Certificates

These awards were requested by Betsy.

Each of these certificate templates has a border with a Star of David (Magen David). The text on these certificates is 100% customizable so you can use them for any purpose. You can edit the text or add more text. You can also add photos.


jewish certificatePin

Customize & Print

Photo Certificate with StarPin

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Bar Mitzvah

Bar MitzvahPin

Customize & Print


Bat Mitzvah

Bat MitzvahPin

Customize & Print

  Magen DavidPin

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Jewish Marriage CertificatePin

Customize & Print

Jewish Award CertificatePin

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Jewish certificatesPin

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Star of David AwardPin

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What can you use these printable Jewish certificates for?

  • Bat or Bar Mitzvah Certificate
  • Sunday School Attendance (during the year or during the High Holidays – Rosh Hashana and Yom Kippur)
  • Jewish Baby Naming Certificate
  • Bris / Brit Milah Certificate
  • Certificate of Participation (in Synagogue or Shul or any other Jewish Program)
  • Jewish Wedding Certificate / Jewish Marriage Certificate
  • Jewish Birth Certificate
  • Certificate of Achievement (for completing Jewish studies or courses)
  • Attendance certificate in JCC program (add JCC logo or your community logo)
  • Certificate of Conversion (although it cannot be official)
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2 thoughts on “Jewish Certificates”

  1. Hi. I’m looking for a certificate, preferably in Hebrew, for people participating in a Torah completion project. I need to be able to personalize it with the participant’s name and letter donated. Thanx!

    • Pam,
      You can use our certificate templates which can be customized for any purpose. You can also write in any language. If you want to add an image related to your project then you can click on the image icon and add any image to your template.


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