Pirate Certificates

pirate certificatesPrintable Award Certificates with a Pirate Theme

A selection of free printable certificates with a pirate theme. Most of the certificate templates can be used for a variety of purposes by parents, teachers, or just about anyone.




Certificate of Participation

Certificate of participation

Certificate of Excellence

certificate of excellence

Happy Birthday

Happy birthday certificate

Certificate of Achievement

Certificate of achievement

Honorary Pirate Award

Pirate award

Certificate of Appreciation

certificate of appreciation

Certificate Template

certificate award template

Great Work

Great work award certificate

(School certificate which can be used by teachers or homeschooling parents)

International Talk like a Pirate Day

(celebrated each year on the 19th of September)

International talk like a pirate award

Certificate Template (Well Done)

Can be used for multiple purposes

Certificate template with a pirate theme

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  1. Do you have an order form to order them or are these just free to use? Also, I did try downloading but the company info shows at the top of the certificate and prints that way.

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