Halloween Award Certificates

Halloween AwardsFree Printable Certificates

These free printable Halloween costume certificates are fun to give out at Halloween costume parties or to friends on Halloween.

There are 12 different award certificates and one blank one with which you can create additional awards. If you have an idea for another Halloween award certificate feel free to comment below and I’ll add it to the collection!

Award Certificate for the Scariest Halloween Costume

Halloween Award Certificates

Most Spooky Halloween Costume

Free Printable Halloween Award Certificates

Most Creative Halloween Costume

Most creative Halloween costume award

Most Original Halloween Costume

Most original Halloween costume certificate

Most Unoriginal Halloween Costume

Funny Halloween Award

The Best Halloween Costume

Best Halloween costume award

The Funniest Halloween Costume

Funniest Halloween costume ceremony

The Silliest Halloween Costume

Silliest Halloween costume awards

The Most Boring Halloween Costume

Most boring Halloween costume awards

The Naughtiest Halloween Costume

naughty Halloween costume award

Award Certificate for Winning the Halloween Costume Contest

prize for winner of Halloween costume contest

Award Certificate for Losing the Halloween Costume Contest

Halloween Award Certificate

Blank Halloween Costume Certificate

Halloween Award Template