Swimming Awards

swimming certificate templates

A variety of free printable swimming certificates. You can customize each swimming certificate template online and print it at home. Award certificates together with positive encouragement are great tools to overcome a fear of water and encourage kids to give swimming a chance!

swimming certificate with image of water in the background which looks like a pool

Description: Pool background with a close-up of the water

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sport award with a blue border and blue swimming goggles

Description: Swimming certificate with a blue border and blue goggles

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swimming award with a grey border, red ribbon and a picture of black goggles

Description: Grey border with a red award ribbon and black swimming goggles

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Printable swimming certificate template with a green border and yellow ribbon on the left side

Award Description: Swimming certificate template with a green background and a yellow ribbon

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formal certificate with gold border and gold ribbon

Description: Swimming award with a gold border and a gold ribbon

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certificate with black border and red ribbon

Description: Swimming award certificate with a black border and a red ribbon

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Uses for Swimming Certificates

  • Swim lesson certificates
  • Swim team awards
  • Participation
  • First, second and third place in a competitive swim meet or even a competition at home
  • Personal best time
  • Season-best time
  • Winning a heat
  • Finishing in the top three or top five
  • Learning how to swim breaststroke, freestyle, backstroke and/or butterfly
  • Performing all four strokes (breaststroke, freestyle, backstroke, butterfly) correctly
  • Overcoming a fear of water and learning to swim

How to help kids overcome a fear of water?

Award certificates can be used for children who are trying to overcome a fear of water and are learning to swim. Use them to encourage and motivate kids and to boost their confidence. Don’t forget to compliment the child for his efforts. Encouraging words from parents and the coach can help the child overcome any fear and learn to swim. Often, once they start learning and realize how much fun it can be and how much positive reinforcement they receive, they change their attitude and start enjoying swimming. Initially, you might need to encourage and award kids for just getting into the water but once they feel like their effort has been recognized then they might be more open to learning and gain water confidence.

How to Add a Photo

You can add a photo of the swimmer or of the swim team. Select the template that you will use and open the certificate maker by clicking on the button below it. Click on the image icon to add a photo. A photo in portrait orientation is the most suitable for these awards. You can place it on the side.


  1. I am a swimming instractor for swiss villa swimming pool i want to get a certificate how to create a cetificate

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