Formal Award Certificate Templates

The following award certificate templates are quite formal in gold and silver. We have many different designs available including an informal award certificate template so you might want to look around the site until you find something perfect for your needs.

The award certificates can be edited before you print so that the details are printed and not handwritten. You can also simply print them and fill out the details yourself. Since they are quite formal it might be more appropriate to type the details before you print the certificates.

Certificate of Merit

certificate of merit

Editable Certificate of Merit

Award of Excellence

award of excellence

Editable Award of Excellence

Formal award in gold with photo    Without watermark  With watermark

silver frame Without watermark  With watermark

Certificate of Achievement (Silver)

certificate of achievement

Editable Certificate of Achievement

Silver frame with photo  Without watermark  With watermark


Award with photo  Without watermark With watermark

Certificate of Excellence (Gold)

certificate of excellence

Editable Certificate of Excellence

There is no need to register, pay or sign up for anything to print or edit these certificates. Please note that with some browsers you cannot save your changes. If you want to make a few copies then you will either need to print them before closing the page or visit the site again in the future and create a new certificate. It only takes a couple of minutes. There is a save button and many browsers will save the edited template until your next visit.


  1. this is a really cool site i had fun making these

  2. Do you guys have Christmas gift certificate

  3. why can’t anyone make a certificate form that is completely blank? I have been searching for hours!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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