Certificate for Being Brave

Printable Bravery Certificates

Kids love to receive award certificates as recognition of being brave when they are scared or nervous. It could be for a real reason or something that they are afraid of for apparent reason. Printable bravery certificates award them for being brave and help them overcome their fear.  This will give them more confidence the next time they are faced with a similar situation. Rewarding positive behavior is one of the most educational methods to overcome negative behavior that we are trying to get rid of.

Mr Brave Award Certificate

Award Certificate for being brave

Mr Men fans are bound to love our free bravery certificates. Print this award certificate for your kids or students to reward and motivate them for being brave. They will appreciate your acknowledgement of their effort.

If your child is scared or nervous why not tell him the story of Mr. Brave and how he overcame his problem. Next time he does anything brave print him this certificate. If can be for overcoming fear of dentist, doctor, sleeping in his own bed all night even after he claims he is scared, or for any other reason.

Award Certificates for Being Brave at the Dentist

certificate for being brave at the dentistThis certificate of bravery can be used by dentists to award children for being brave. Each award certificate can be customized before you print it. Just click on the certificate of your choice and it will open in PDF. If you do not have PDF reader then you can get it here.

Once it opens you can fill out each of the fields and then print.

Wording: This is to certify that __ was very brave at the dentist.

Certificates for kids
award certificates

Printable certificates
I was brave at the dentist

I made these certificates for my kids when I last took them to the dentist. I was very nervous since going to the dentist is something that I do not enjoy (to put it mildly). They were so brave and I wanted them to know how proud I was of them.

If you would prefer to change the wording or if you want a different design then you can use a certificate template which is totally customizable. For example, nurses administering vaccinations to children can create custom awards for their young patients. This might make their job a little easier or at least get the children to cooperate.

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