Halloween Costume Awards

Halloween Costume Awards

These free printable Halloween costume awards are fun to give out at costume parties or to friends on Halloween. Customized them online before you print. If you prefer, you can print a blank award and fill in the details in your own handwriting. You can also add a photo of the recipient in costume. If you are having a costume party, then feel free to print matching Halloween invitations and Halloween cards.

There are 12 different Halloween award certificates and one blank one with which you can create additional awards. If you have an idea for another Halloween party award certificate feel free to comment below and I’ll add it to the collection!

Free Halloween Certificates

Halloween certificates

Customize & Print


Halloween certificate templates

Customize & Print


Halloween certificate

Customize & Print


Halloween certificate templates. Add your own photo and text before you print.

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Halloween costume award certificates

Customize & Print


Halloween certificate

Customize & Print


Halloween certificates

Customize & Print


Halloween costume award certificate

Customize & Print

Halloween certificates

The Scariest Costume

Halloween Award Certificates  Customize & Print

Most Spooky Costume

Free Printable Halloween Award Certificates  Customize & Print

Most Creative Costume

Most creative Halloween costume award  Customize & Print

Most Original Costume

Most original Halloween costume certificate  Customize & Print

Most Unoriginal Costume

Funny Halloween Award  Customize & Print

The Best Halloween Costume

Best Halloween costume award  Customize & Print

The Funniest Costume

Funniest Halloween costume ceremony  Customize & Print

The Silliest Costume

Silliest Halloween costume awards  Customize & Print

The Most Boring Costume

Most boring Halloween costume awards  Customize & Print

The Naughtiest Costume

naughty Halloween costume award  Customize & Print

Award Certificate for Winning the Contest

prize for winner of Halloween costume contest  Customize & Print

Award Certificate for Losing the Contest

Halloween Award Certificate  Customize & Print

Blank Halloween Costume Certificate

Halloween Award Template  Customize & Print


Uses for these Printables

Halloween costume contest certificates

Halloween costume certificates are fun to give out at Halloween parties. You can have a ceremony where you choose the best costume, the most original costume, the scariest costume, best couples costume, etc. For each award make a certificate. To do this, change the text in the title. For example, write “Best Halloween Costume Certificate”. Halloween certificates for best costumes will also leave participants with a nice reminder of the party and the fun time they had.

Even if you have a virtual party, you can still send the award by email or WhatsApp.

Awards for Halloween minute to win it games

Since all the text is editable you can use the calendar templates for this too. See the Halloween Minute to Win It Games with free printables!

Halloween party invitation

Edit the text and use the template to create an invitation for your party.

Happy Halloween sign

Use it to create a sign for your home or place of work. You can just write Happy Halloween or add your working hours during the holiday.

Halloween costume contest categories

When organizing a Halloween costume contest, it can be fun to have various categories to celebrate different aspects of creativity and costume design. Here are some Halloween costume contest categories to consider:

  • Best Overall Costume: This category recognizes the most outstanding and impressive costume in terms of creativity, execution, and attention to detail.
  • Funniest Costume: This category celebrates the costume that elicits the most laughter and amusement. It can be based on clever humor, puns, or comedic characters.
  • Scariest Costume: This category honors the most spine-chilling and frightening costume. It can include traditional horror characters, zombies, ghosts, or any costume that successfully instills fear.
  • Most Creative Costume: This category appreciates the costume that showcases the highest level of originality, inventiveness, and uniqueness. It can be a costume that defies expectations or incorporates unconventional materials.
  • Best Group Costume: This category recognizes a group of people who coordinate their costumes to create a cohesive theme or story. It can be a family, a group of friends, or even a couple’s costume.
  • Best DIY Costume: This category highlights the costume that demonstrates exceptional craftsmanship and ingenuity. It celebrates homemade costumes created with passion and resourcefulness.
  • Best Pop Culture-Inspired Costume: This category honors costumes that are inspired by current trends, movies, TV shows, or celebrities. It can be a costume that pays homage to a beloved character or references a viral moment.
  • Cutest Costume: This category celebrates the most adorable and endearing costume, often featuring cute animals, beloved fictional characters, or sweet themes.
  • Best Historical Costume: This category appreciates costumes that represent a specific historical era, whether it’s ancient civilizations, medieval times, or iconic figures from the past.
  • Most Elaborate Makeup: This category recognizes the skill and artistry involved in creating intricate makeup looks. It can be a special effects makeup, face painting, or transformational makeup that enhances the overall costume.

How to judge a Halloween costume contest

When judging a Halloween costume contest, it’s important to evaluate the costumes fairly and consider various aspects of creativity and execution. Here are some guidelines on how to judge a Halloween costume contest:

  • Theme and Originality: Consider how well the costume aligns with the Halloween theme or any specific theme for the contest. Look for originality and creativity in the concept and design of the costume.
  • Creativity and Attention to Detail: Assess the level of creativity demonstrated in the costume. Look for unique ideas, clever adaptations, or innovative use of materials. Examine the attention to detail, such as props, accessories, and makeup.
  • Craftsmanship and Execution: Evaluate the quality of craftsmanship and execution in the costume. Consider the construction, fit, and overall appearance. Look for neatness, precision, and the effort put into making the costume.
  • Presentation and Performance: Take into account how well the contestant presents and carries themselves in the costume. Assess their confidence, enthusiasm, and ability to portray the character or concept effectively. Consider any additional performance elements, such as storytelling or acting.
  • Impact and Wow Factor: Assess the overall impact and wow factor of the costume. Consider the immediate visual appeal and the “wow” effect it creates. Look for costumes that stand out, catch attention, or elicit strong reactions from the audience.
  • Attention to Contest Rules: Evaluate whether the contestants followed any specific rules or guidelines for the contest. Consider if they met any required criteria or limitations, such as homemade costumes or specific themes.
  • Audience Reaction: Take into account the audience’s response to the costume. Consider the positive reactions, applause, or engagement generated by the costume. Audience enjoyment can indicate the effectiveness of the costume.
  • Fairness and Impartiality: Ensure that judging is conducted fairly and impartially. Assess the costumes objectively, considering the established criteria, without any bias or personal preferences. Be consistent in applying the judging criteria to all contestants.
  • Multiple Categories: If there are different categories or awards, adjust your evaluation criteria accordingly for each category to recognize different aspects of costume design, creativity, or themes.
  • Collaboration (for group costumes): Evaluate the coordination and coherence among participants in a group costume. Consider how well the costumes align, complement, or create a collective impact.

It’s important to establish clear judging criteria and communicate them to the contestants and the audience beforehand. Remember to be respectful, appreciative, and positive in your feedback and comments to encourage creativity and participation in the future.

How to run a Halloween costume contest

Running a Halloween costume contest can be an exciting and enjoyable event. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to run a Halloween costume contest:

  • Determine the Format: Decide on the format of your costume contest. Will it be an in-person event, virtual, or a combination of both? Consider the logistics, venue, and audience size.
  • Set Contest Categories: Determine the categories for the costume contest. These can include Best Overall Costume, Scariest Costume, Funniest Costume, Most Creative Costume, etc. Choose categories that align with the theme and interests of your participants.
  • Establish Contest Rules: Create clear rules for the contest. Specify the eligibility criteria, costume guidelines (e.g., homemade or store-bought), any theme requirements, and any restrictions on props or accessories. Communicate the rules to participants ahead of time.
  • Promote the Contest: Advertise your contest through various channels, such as social media, flyers, or emails. Encourage participants to register in advance, and provide information on how to enter the contest.
  • Arrange Judging Panel: Select a panel of judges who will evaluate the costumes and determine the winners. Consider individuals with a good eye for detail, knowledge of the contest categories, and impartiality.
  • Prepare Prizes: Determine the prizes or awards for the winners. These can be certificates, trophies, gift cards, or other creative Halloween-themed rewards. Consider offering prizes for different categories or age groups if applicable.
  • Plan the Event Flow: Create a schedule or timeline for the contest. Allocate time slots for registration, costume showcase, judging, and prize announcements. Ensure a smooth transition between each stage of the event.
  • Coordinate Registration: Set up a registration booth or an online registration platform to check in participants and assign them unique identification numbers or tags. Collect any necessary information, such as participant names or costume descriptions.
  • Showcase the Costumes: Provide a designated area for participants to showcase their costumes. This can be a stage, a catwalk, or an online platform for virtual events. Allow participants to strike poses or perform short skits if desired.
  • Conduct Judging: Facilitate the judging process based on the established criteria. Ensure the judges have ample time to evaluate each costume and make their decisions. Consider providing scorecards or a system for judges to record their evaluations.
  • Announce Winners and Award Prizes: Gather the participants and audience for the prize announcement. Recognize each category winner and present their prizes. Offer positive feedback and applause for all participants to create an inclusive and celebratory atmosphere.
  • Encourage Audience Participation: If appropriate, involve the audience in the decision-making process by providing them with voting cards or an online voting system for certain categories, such as the People’s Choice Award.
  • Capture Memories: Arrange for a photographer or provide a photo booth for participants to capture memories of their costumes and the event. Share the photos with participants afterward as a keepsake. Give them the printable awards above.
  • Show Appreciation: Thank the participants, judges, and volunteers for their participation and contribution to the event. Express gratitude to sponsors or any supporting organizations. See our appreciation certificates.

Remember to prioritize the enjoyment and inclusivity of all participants throughout the contest. Adapt these steps as necessary to suit the specific needs and nature of your Halloween costume contest.

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