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Soccer is one of the most popular sports in the world and children from all around the world are able to enjoy it on a daily basis. However, just as anyone that has been around soccer for a prolonged period of time knows, it can be a difficult sport to play with challenges to overcome at each turn. As a result, many find it very helpful to incentivize children when they are playing to ensure they do not become discouraged throughout the process and that they can enjoy playing the game.

One such way to do this is to provide soccer award certificates for children. When children receive a soccer award certificate, it can certainly help to make playing the sport easier and more fun. Kids love to be praised and rewarded. Soccer certificate templates are a perfect tool to do this. Receiving a soccer award certificate for achievement or effort will give players a sense of accomplishment and motivation to continue their progress.

soccer certificates

How To Make a Soccer Certificate

Click on a certificate template to open, customize, and print it. Before printing, make sure that your printer is set to landscape orientation.

  1. Select a template
  2. Click on customize to open the certificate maker and type the text
  3. Download and/or print

Printable certificates for Soccer

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Printable soccer awards

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Soccer achievement certificates

Customize & Print

Soccer award certificates

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Soccer certificate templates

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Soccer certificates

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Soccer certificate printables

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What can these free printable soccer award certificates be used for?

Soccer certificates are perfect for children who need extra motivation and positive feedback to boost their self-confidence.

  • Print a weekly award for soccer players (such as player of the week, player of the month, etc).
  • Awards for the entire soccer team for effort or achievement.
  • Give credit to soccer coaches to show appreciation.
  • Soccer moms can create recognition awards for their children if they feel that they need recognition that they are not getting from the coach or team. Some kids need to receive recognition to boost their self-confidence. Soccer moms can make the awards for their kids or for the entire team.
  • Man of the Match certificate.

How to Add a Photo to the Soccer Certificate Printable

You can add a photo of the player receiving the award or a photo of the entire soccer team. Click on the photo icon to insert an image. You can move it around so it doesn’t cover any text. You can also make it smaller or bigger.

Soccer fans will love these soccer printables!

If you prefer your certificate to read “football” then see our football certificates.

Soccer Award Ideas


  1. Improved Player
  2. Dribbler
  3. Goalkeeper
  4. Energy
  5. Positive
  6. Fun
  7. Goals
  8. Defender
  9. Dependable
  10. Fouls
  11. Saves
  12. Cheerful
  13. Enthusiastic
  14. Stamina
  15. Punctual


  1. Player
  2. Attitude
  3. Attendance
  4. Ball handler
  5. Leadership skills
  6. Defender
  7. Goalkeeper
  8. Team mate
  9. Team spirit
  10. Striker
  11. Goal
  12. Save
  13. Dribbler
  14. Tackle

The Benefits of Our Soccer Awards

They are free

They are free with no strings attached. There is no need to register or give your email.

Customized and Personalized

The free customized award features the name of the recipient which makes the award feels more legitimate, personal and professional. You can even add a photo of the soccer team so that they can feel special when receiving their award and it will server as a reminder or the special memories from the team in the future.

Increases Enthusiasm

Another great benefit to a soccer award certificate is that it can drastically help to increase enthusiasm surrounding their love of the game. When children receive an award for something that they accomplished, it makes them feel good about the game and encourages them to keep playing. If you want to promote interest in a sport, providing these incentives is a great way to do it.

Promotes Healthy Competitive Outlook

When playing any sport, it can be easy to get frustrated and demoralized. However, when you are receiving awards that affirm your effort and competitive drive, it is much easier to keep an interest in the sport and ensure that you are excited for the next game. Certificates and awards can help with this.

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  1. I just want you to know that I truly appreciate that you let us use your certificates. I am a program coordinator in a preschool in Illinois and my children here absolutely love receiving one of your certificates. And a lot of parents ask me and I am happy to tell them look at the bottom of the certificate for the website. Thank you again.

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