Ordination Certificate

certificate of ordination

Free ordination certificate template that you can customize online and download or print.

Ordination certificate
Silver border with red cross

Certificate of ordination

Printed on a scroll

Black and white


Ordination certificate template



Gold and green

Red and gold

Red frame with a red and silver cross

Pastor ordination certificate

Ordination is a formal process in many religious traditions where a person is recognized and authorized to perform religious ceremonies, such as weddings, baptisms, funerals, and other religious rituals. The certificate itself serves as official documentation of the ordination and typically includes information such as:

  1. The name of the person being ordained.
  2. The date of the ordination.
  3. The name of the religious organization or institution that is ordaining the individual.
  4. The title or role to which the person is ordained (e.g., minister, priest, etc.).
  5. Signatures of relevant officials or authorities within the religious organization.
  6. Any relevant seals or symbols associated with the religious tradition.

Select an ordination certificate template from the pre-designed templates above.

Using an ordination certificate template can make it easier for religious institutions or individuals to create these certificates in a consistent and professional manner. It provides a framework that can be customized with the specific details of the ordination ceremony. You will not need any software or any design experience to create a professional-looking certificate.

Ordination Certificate PDF

Once you have customized your certificate of ordination, you can download it as a PDF document. To do this, click on the folded page icon. You can send an ordained minister a free certificate via email in PDF format if you prefer not to print it.

How to Customize

Select the template you want to use and edit the text according to your needs. For example, you can edit the text for a minister or pastor as per your requirements. You can edit all of the text. You can also add a photo or logo.

After you have inserted the necessary information, you can then print or digitally distribute the completed ordination certificates to the newly ordained individuals.

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