Certificate for Being Brave

Award Certificate for being braveMr Brave Award Certificate

Mr Men fans are bound to love our free printable award certificates. Print this award certificate for your kids or students to reward and motivate them for being brave. They will appreciate your acknowledgement of their effort.

Kids love to receive award certificates as recognition of being brave when they are scared or nervous. It could be for a real reason or something that they are afraid of for apparent reason. Awarding them for being brave and overcoming their fear will give them more confidence the next time they are faced with a similar situation. Rewarding positive behavior is one of the most educational methods to overcome negative behavior that we are trying to get rid of.

If your child is scared or nervous why not tell him the story of Mr. Brave and how he overcame his problem. Next time he does anything brave print him this certificate. If can be for overcoming fear of dentist, doctor, sleeping in his own bed all night even after he claims he is scared, or for any other reason.


Click on the image above to print the certificate template.

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